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Food & Catering Industry Cleaning Solutions

Capital Power Clean supply a wide range of food-safe cleaners and sanitisers to ensure the most hygienic and sanitary conditions in food, beverage and catering environments.

Offering high levels of protection, many of these chemicals are certified to meet European testing regulations and are available as ready-to-use formulas or in concentrated form with extended dilution rates for low cost in use. Our most popular products are listed below, however please contact us if you require specialist assistance or advice for a particular application.

RA1 Machine Dishwashing Rinse Aid

RA1 is a concentrated machine dishwashing rinse aid for enclosed cabinet dishwashers which ensures rapid, streak free drying in soft to medium hard water conditions and is suitable for use in most types of dishwashing machines at a concentration...

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MD2 Advanced Dishwasher Detergent

An advanced formula machine dishwash detergent with a unique blend of detergents for accelerated soil removal, MD2 contains active de-foamers...

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Selgiene Antibacterial Cleaner

Offering superior antibacterial and cleaning performance for the food industry, Selgiene is suitable for non-rinsing applications and is independently tested to EN 1276 on a wide range of bacteria. Ideal for the removal of all food types including animal fats...

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Seldet Hand Dishwashing Liquid

A hand dishwashing liquid with a mild long lasting foam which leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak free. Fully biodegradable, phosphate and formaldehyde free...

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Seldet Super Concentrated Detergent

A super concentrated unperfumed detergent for manual dishwashing offering streak-free results and high economy in use...

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Seldet Bactericidal Manual Dishwashing Formula

A unique formula designed for manual dishwashing in the commercial catering industry, Seldet Bactericidal passes the latest European test method E.N. 1040 at 1:100 achieving a kill rate of 99.999% on pseudomonas aeruginosa...

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Selden Oven Cleaner

For the fast removal of blood and other baked on food products, Oven Cleaner clings to vertical surfaces to offer increased dwell time. Oven Cleaner is a ready to use...

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Selden Oven Cleaner Trigger Spray

A ready-to-use oven cleaner which efficiently removes baked-on blood and food residues from ovens and grills...

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Bactericidal Kitchen Cleaner

A multi-purpose, bactericidal spray and wipe cleaner for use in the catering industry. Powerful degreasing agents remove grease and grime. Non - tainting and food safe...

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Amphoclen Heavy Duty Sanitiser

A heavy duty sanitiser and cleaner concentrate for food and catering industries, Amphoclen is fully tested with proven effectiveness against Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria, passing EN1276...

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Food Plant & Oven Cleaner

A caustic food plant and oven cleaner for food and catering industries, Food Plant & Oven Cleaner removes baked on fat and shortenings from ovens and kitchen ranges. Powerful chemical action dissolves fat blockages in drains and grease traps...

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Food Foam Plus NB

A concentrated, long cling foam detergent specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries, Food Foam Plus NB contains a blend of high foaming surfactant, sequestrant and alkaline...

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Surface Wipes

Pre-moistened surface sanitising wipes impregnated with a high specification broad spectrum bactericide to kill Salmonella, Listeria and other Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria as well as viruses and fungi...

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Sani Wipes

Pre-moistened Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral surface sanitising wipes to offer high level protection against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria as well as viruses and fungi...

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