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i-scrub 21B Scotland Lrg

i-scrub 21B® – Versatile, Battery-Powered Scrubbing Tool

Twin disc scrubbing action with the flexibility to clean vertical surfaces due to its adjustable  head & 360 degrees of free-range motion. With a powerful motor delivering 400rpm, the  i-scrub 21B is a versatile and powerful machine for scrubbing any surface. Incorporating  simple push-button solution dosing, i-scrub 21 can also be easily converted into a hand-held  unit for polishing. Powered by Li-ion battery technology to ensure consistent performance  throughout the working period.

360 degrees of motion

The adjustable head can rotate in 360 degrees, and is so flexible: you can clean at any angle, may it be horizontal or vertical. Start scrubbing everywhere and anywhere.

Manually dose

You can manually dose your solution to your satisfaction with the push of a button. Get your  areas clean on your own terms.

Dual brush heads

We have equipped the i-scrub 21B with two brush heads, for higher mechanical power and cleaning narrow gaps in sturdy areas.

Brushes & pads

A full arsenal of different brushes & pads are available for every job. Consult us for advice on  which brush delivers which job the best.

Centralized controls

Centralized controls at the grip. All of your actions, switches and controls are within the reach  of your fingertips.

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