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i-giene bin - Revolutionary Feminine Hygiene Bin

  • Waste is allowed in the black bin waste stream*.
  • Wall mounted with screws or sticky pads. No damage to walls or floors.
  • The wall-mount option makes it’s easy to clean underneath.
  • Use i-scent for a soft and pleasant fragrance.
  • The bin is smart. It will keep track of how full it is. When the container is full or it’s time to change the bag, a notification is sent to the operator’s connected device (Pro Version) or on the bin itself (analogue model).
  • The bin is vandal-proof.
  • Long battery life up to 14 days with heavy use.
  • Comes in multiple colour options.


Made of Microban® antimicrobial material.


Zero odour by airtight compression of waste.


No physical contact to reduce the spread of germs and viruses.


Bags are made of a plant-based bioPE material for sustainability.


The i-giene provides huge COreduction by far less logistic movement. There is no need of cleaning with boiling hot water which saves lots of energy. There are no expensive cleaning costs.

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