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i-fibre® - Innovative Microfibre Systems

Saving water, chemicals and time.

Microfiber cleaning has changed the industry from the moment it was introduced. Less chemicals and water usage equals a more sustainable and healthy planet. The i-team has taken this idea one step further, and created a whole series of utilities and equipment to accompany an all-in-one system simply called: i-fibre.


A quick-release system in the frame of the mop for a complete touch free cleaning operation!


The wallwash frame bends 360 degrees, perfect for cleaning walls and hardto-reach places. Patented soft-edge technology makes it perfect for 4D cleaning.

Microfiber pads

Used for low to heavy soil levels. Features mesh backing for a quick saturation time. Designed or pre-treating in 4D cleaning systems.

Pre-treating system

The pre-treating system is a well thought out array of tools that seamlessly work together to make cleaning tasks efficient and productive. It saves water, chemicals and most of all, time. Through the special mashed backing time redution to the minimum and equal spread of moisture.

Trio split technology

The fibre gains it’s huge cleaning power by a patented trio split technology. With the integrate dirt channels it can even save the dust mopping as small particels will be captured in there. The framing is designed in a way that special support structure prevents the mop from shrinking. It always allines perfectly. Minimum guaranteed washings: 750 times.

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