Revolutionary I-Range Products Scotland Exclusive to Capital Power Clean

Revolutionary i-range | Changing the way you think about cleaning

Revolutionary products, inspiring people. The i-team is a global family of innovative cleaning sales & distribution partners that are dedicated to delivering intelligent, convenient and high-quality cleaning machines, products and concepts to the industry. Capital Power Clean are Proud to be official and exclusive i-team partners for the whole of Scotland.

i-range Revolutionary Scrubber Driers

i-mop XL and XXL

The i-mop makes it possible to clean any hard floor surface, with freedom of movement and
great ease of use. The i-mop isn't just designed for cleaning, it's designed for the cleaner...

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i-range Floorcare Solutions

i-scrub 21B

Twin disc scrubbing action with the flexibility to clean vertical surfaces due to its adjustable  head & 360 degrees of free-range motion. With a powerful motor delivering 400rpm...

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i-scrub 26H

The hand held microfibre cleaning tool with integrated LED or black light ensures highest levels of cleanliness. Complete with patented soft-edge technology...

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i-scrub 30EM

Single-disc scrubbing has never been so easy! Advanced orbital technology offers an orbital  movement of approx. 1750 orbits per minute with no side forces so everybody can operate it  without training...

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i-fibre Microfiber Cleaning

Microfiber cleaning has changed the industry from the moment it was introduced. Less chemicals and water usage equals a more sustainable and healthy planet...

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i-range Vacuum Cleaners

i-vac 5 vacuum cleaner

The i-vac 5 is a powerful machine that gets the job done. A well trusted name in the community, the i-vac 5 has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power...

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i-vac 6 vacuum cleaner

The i-vac 6 is the epitome of the modern day vacuum cleaner. All functions and elements of  the i-vac 6 have been developed based on feedback from users...

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i-vac 9B vacuum cleaner

The innovative i-vac 9B battery powered vacuum cleaner utilises a powerful motor and offers a longer runtime than other cordless machines. Powered by i-mopXXL batteries...

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i-vac 30 UR vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming on another level. Years of innovation and development have perfected the i-vac  series, and the 30 UR upright series is the culmination of feedback from the cleaning industry...

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i-range Chewing Gum Removal

i-gum Chewing Gum Removal

Fast, reliable and easy operation for efficient, non-disruptive chewing gum removal on outdoor and indoor surfaces. i-gum incorporates a comfortable backpack system for complete freedom of movement...

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i-range Storage Solutions

i-land Equipment Storage

Our goal is to simplify the entire cleaning process and increase your satisfaction while you  clean. For long shifts, large buildings and on-site projects, you are going to need a work station that carries all your equipment...

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i-store Storage Cabinet

Not enough room for your equipment? We’ve got you covered. Store your i-range, i-mop and all of your accessories inside this handy cabinet...

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i-flight Travel Case

Need to travel with your cleaning equipment, and don’t want any unnecessary harm done during transport? We learned a thing or two from musicians, and hereby introduce the i-flight series...

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i-range Safety & Wellbeing Solutions


Eliminate shoulder injuries and back pain while using high level cleaning systems such as window cleaning poles, high reach vacuum systems or extendable pressure washer lances...

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Safety Slipmeter

Be on the safe side! Floor cleaning methods can lead to unsafe conditions and it is crucial that any moisture is recovered as quickly as possible...

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CSI Clean Scene Investigation

Use ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) testing with your i-range products to show your clients and potential customers how effective they are. A rapid testing method...

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i-range Accessory Products

i-light Illumination

Charged with i-mop batteries, and with power up 24/7, the i-light is great for illumination on the job. Fully equipped with the flexibility of a desk lamp...

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Wall Charger

Space is in short supply these days. We should not waste a single inch when it comes to the limited storage space we can even get...

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