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Traffic Film Removers, Foams & Shampoos

Capital Power Clean’s unique and specially formulated range of traffic film removers and vehicle foams offer fast and effective cleaning for a variety of vehicles, from cars and caravans to trucks and industrial plant. The highly concentrated formulae have been developed to remove large amounts of dirt and road film from a vehicles exterior and also offer rapid action against tar, grease, mud, fuels & unwanted oils, magnetic metals, iron & sulphur and other heavy materials.

Successfully clearing:

  • Tar
  • Grease
  • Dried on mud
  • Fuel/petrol
  • Unwanted oils
  • Magnetic metals
  • Iron and sulphur
  • Plus many other heavy materials

Additional vehicle cleaning detergents available include:

Amphoclen and A.F.S. which are both heavy duty multi-purpose sanitisers suitable for use in environments where a high kill spec is required, but where it is important to use chemicals which will not taint any food products which are subsequently stored/transported. As there are many alternative vehicle cleaning products available for specific applications, please contact us for further advice.

Powerclean Ultra

A sophisticated blend of biodegradable surfactants and sequestrants offering powerful cleaning ability against common vehicle soiling.
 A non-caustic product formulated with a high performance rinse aid and suitable for both pressure washer and brush wash systems...

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Powerclean Super

A powerful Traffic Film Remover which is highly effective through both hot and cold water cleaning equipment. Its strength lies in its ability to tackle the heavy soiling found in plant, tipper, cement carrying vehicles and chassis degreasing.

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Powerclean Excel

An innovative, non caustic traffic film remover with a sophisticated blend of surfactants to penetrate the most resistant soils and sequestrants for quick and easy rinsing. For use through all types of vehicle cleaning systems and pressure washers...

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Powerclean V1

A heavy duty traffic film remover for exterior cleaning, Powerclean V1 penetrates the most resistant soils.  Suitable for use through all types of vehicle cleaning systems and pressure washers at a concentration of 0.5% - 4% depending on soiling, water hardness and frequency of washing.
Available in 5 litre, 25 litre, 200 litre containers or IBC bulk delivery.

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Powerclean V2

A cost-effective, multi-purpose cleaner created for a wide range of applications within the food and dairy industry. Powerclean V2 offers the versatility to clean and sanitise vehicle exteriors as well as interiors of food carrying vehicles, fridges, etc.

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Powerclean V8

A very powerful, heavy duty exterior cleaner to penetrate the most resistant soils and greases. Suitable for use through all vehicle cleaning systems and pressure washers at a recommended concentration of 0.5% - 4% depending on soiling...

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Formulated to maximum strength within the irritant class of CHP regulations, Stormwax achieves high levels of cleaning and safety which can never be reached using corrosive or highly caustic products. Leaving a protective wax film...

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Heavy duty long cling foam which clings to vertical surface when applied through foaming equipment. Concentrations of 2% -5% provide a thick, high clinging foam which allows extra dwell time prior to rinsing.

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Powerclean Hi-Foam Plus

An extra long-clinging, non-caustic vehicle foam detergent for all types of vehicle cleaning. Extra cleaning power, high concentration and ability to cling to even vertical surfaces allow Hi Foam Plus to tackle tough cleaning jobs while using less detergent than other...

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Car Shampoo

Specially formulated for washing vehicles by hand or for use through automatic car washes, our high performance car shampoo quickly removes traffic film and soiling while easy rinsing properties leave a streak-free shining finish.

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Pearl Advanced Car Shampoo

An advanced car shampoo with a modern, cationic formulation to protect paint and repel water, Pearl promotes fast, streak-free drying and gives “just polished”...

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A heavy-duty, long clinging foam which clings to surfaces when applied through foaming equipment at concentrations of 2% - 5%.


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