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Dry, Wet & Specialist Vacuum Cleaners

Many industries require a vacuum which can not only tackle regular dry cleaning tasks, but also have the capability to collect spillages or wet debris. With a large choice of capacities and power options, Capital Power Clean can supply the right unit for your application.

Tub or Cylinder Vacuums are designed for use in small areas and restricted spaces. The operator stands as a pivot, moving the vacuum head back and forth in a circular motion to cover maximum floor area before moving. Detail brushes and tools are ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. This style of vacuum is also normally adopted for wet and dry machinery.

Back Vacuums are worn by the user for safety and freedom of movement on stairs and in restricted areas like theatres, coaches, trains, etc. Designed to promote good operator posture and prevent over-stretching of hoses.

Upright Vacuums are designed for cleaning larger, unrestricted carpet areas. An active brush agitates carpet piles, loosening deep down dirt and reducing operator effort. Ergonomic design reduces operator back strain.

IPC YP 1/27 W&D Vacuum Cleaner

Performances improved down to the last detail with this wet and dry vaccum cleaner from IPC.

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IPC GC 2/90 W&D Vacuum Cleaner

GC 2/90 W&D is a professional wet and dry vacuum. Compact and powerful, it is specifically designed for the cleaning of large industrial areas.

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Ghibli ASL10 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A compact, robust model for small applications, the ASL 10 features a powerful 1300w motor, high filtration for dry use and 11 litres useful wet capacity. This reliable unit also includes a full 36mm accessory kit with on-board tool storage and may be upgraded to HEPA filtration...

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Ghibli AS27 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Ghibli AS27 is a powerful industrial strength wet & dry Vacuum cleaner for the toughest of cleaning tasks and can be used with a disposable paper bag to vacuum dry dust and debris or without bag and filter for recovering liquids or wet debris...

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Ghibli AS400PD Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A robust, high performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner for professional applications, the AS400PD is constructed from impact-resistant ABS plastic and offers 35 litres useful wet capacity. A simple ball float prevents over-filling and a drain hose is fitted...

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Ghibli AS590 IK Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring twin suction motors and a useful wet capacity of 56 litres, the AS 590 IK is an industrial strength unit capable of carrying out the toughest of cleaning tasks. The AS 590 IK can be used with a disposable paper bag to vacuum dry dust and debris...

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Ghibli AS600 IK Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Ghibli AS600 IK offers massive suction power thanks to the employment of triple vacuum motors which can be used separately or simultaneously, depending on the task at hand. The stainless steel container will hold up to 56 litres of liquid and is easily emptied...

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