Dr Gansow Gmatic Rotan Ride-On Scrubber Dryers

Dr Gansow Gmatic 80BTX73 / 80BTXS73

Dr Gansow’s Gmatic Rotan range of ride-on scrubber dryers represents the ultimate choice for large area floor cleaning in high productivity and hygiene-critical applications.

Hand-built to the highest standards of German engineering, Rotan scrubber dryers offer incredible strength, power and durability, long life expectancy and outstanding cleaning results.

Using the latest XFC battery technology, users can be assured of long run times complemented by fast recharge cycles, making Dr Gansow’s equipment perfect for multi-shift applications.
Stainless Steel construction meets the hygiene needs of those working in food manufacturing and healthcare industries, and will withstand the rigours of more demanding situations such as distribution warehouses and large engineering plants. Meanwhile, exceptional productivity rates present the ideal cleaning solution for large floor areas in airports, station & shopping centres.

With cleaning widths from 850mm to 1250mm, solution capacities of 136 to 239 litres and running times of up to 10 hours 45 minutes on a single charge, Rotan ride-on scrubber dryers easily clean up to 38,100m² before recharging is necessary.

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  • Cleaning Path: 850mm – 1250mm
  • Drying Path: 1100mm – 1450mm
  • Solution Capacity: 136 litres – 239 litres
  • Adjustable Brush Speed: 180/240/300rpm
  • Run Time: 3hr 15min – 10hr 45min
  • Recharge Time: From 6hrs
  • Practical Performance per Charge: 19900m² - 38100m²


Dr. Gansow’s Gmatic Scrubber Driers are hand-built from non-magnetic stainless steel which is further improved by electrolytic polishing, producing a hard, closed molecular structure which is extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical attack and a material which is not subject to any wear and tear.  Inherent corrosion resistance ensures a long working life and low depreciation of value.


Top quality stainless steel solution and recovery tanks allow Gmatic cleaning machines to operate with hot water and any cleaning agent from pH1 - pH14. Together with high brush pressures and adjustable brush speed, the ability to use highly acidic or alkali cleaners allows for intensive maintenance cleaning and restoration in a variety of industries.

The overhanging design of brush decks and squeegees enable cleaning right up to the edge of floors and below overhangs, and the heavy weight stainless steel squeegee ensures optimum drying capabilities on smooth and profiled surfaces.


The use of XFC (Extra Fast Charge) battery technology, together with adjustable settings for brushes and vacuums offers exceptionally long running times. Additionally, spectacularly fast charging times of between just 3 and 6 hours maximise efficiency, making Dr Gansow’s Gmatic machinery the perfect choice for multi-shift operations.


The logical design of Gmatic scrubber dryers offers safety, positive ergonomics , easy manoeuvrability and handling together with  responsive controls and simplistic functional sequences. These qualities combine to give the operator a feeling of safety and confidence when using the equipment and to minimise training requirements.

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