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MotorScrubber BLADE - The 2 in 1, Power Squeegee

Pressure. Precision. Performance.

BLADE - The 2 in 1, Power Squeegee + Ultra-Microfibre System, delivers powerful performance and unbeatable clean.

FUNCTION 1: Power Squeegee

The sharp, flexible squeegee blade, effortlessly leaves floors instantly dry.

FUNCTION 2: Mopping System

Transform BLADE into the ultimate mopping system, by simply attaching Ultra-Microfibre to the Power Squeegee.

Phenomenal Pressure

The Power Squeegee exerts up to 80x more surface pressure onto the Ultra-Microfibre, resulting in increased dirt removal with every clean.

Admirable Precision

Ergonomically designed to effortlessly cut into edges and grout.

Impressive Performance

Built-in, three way jets, spray fresh solution activated by the push of a button.

Say Goodbye to Buckets

Quick refill handle and water level indicator eliminates the need for buckets.

Optimised Deep Cleaning

BLADE fibres incorporate Ultra-Microfibre, which are split 7x thinner, delivering superior dirt absorption.

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