Motorscrubber Scrubber Dryer Scotland

MotorScrubber STORM

Ballistic Virus Killer

Motorscrubber Storm – Easy and efficient decontamination for all industries.

Developed in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, the brand new Motorscrubber Storm propels a fine mist which rains down to deliver fast and efficient surface coverage. With a choice of 40 micron and 80 micron spray jets, Motorscrubber Storm is perfect for use with disinfectants and sanitisers where large surface coverage is required for decontamination and infection control projects. 

Compatible with Motorscrubber Jet backpacks, the Motorscrubber Storm is available to buy in 3 options:

Motorscrubber Storm as an accessory for your existing Motorscrubber Jet  £159.00 + VAT

Motorscrubber Storm complete with Jet backpack  £549.00 + VAT

Motorscrubber Storm with complete Motorscrubber Jet system  £1018.00 + VAT 
(Jet scrubbing tool, Jet backpack with battery & solution system, medium scrubbing brush, pad holder, pads)


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