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MotorScrubber PROWASH

ProWash the portable solution for high level deep scrubbing

Exterior surfaces have always been problematic to clean - manual methods can be very labour intensive and often produce poor and disappointing results. This is why the MotorScrubber ProWash was developed. Motorscrubber ProWash is a totally unique machine allowing mechanical scrubbing together with chemical application for cleaning large surfaces.

The New Method

Apply chemical at a high level, let Motorscrubber ProWash do the scrubbing while gravity pulls the chemical down the surface, gently move ProWash from side to side and easily rinse with on-demand fresh water.

The 360rpm brush head achieves incredible cleaning results and makes light work of heavily soiled surfaces. Motorscrubber ProWash is excellent for cleaning vinyl siding, cladding, guttering, commercial signage, trucks, trains, planes, boats and any large vehicle.

For an all-in-one professional cleaning system, Motorscrubber ProWash is the only choice.

Key Benefits 

  • 4 x faster scrubbing than manual methods 
  • Capable of spraying chemical where other systems use only pure water. In many cases, pure water is not sufficient to remove heavy soiling and chemical is a must.
  • Save chemical costs by setting your dilution rate and only spraying when needed
  • 360rpm scrubbing head drastically reduces exhaustive manual labour
  • Achieve “like new” results
  • MotorScrubber Pro Wash makes cleaning enjoyable
  • Very simple to use with no need to learn complicated controls. Simply connect and clean!
  • Waterproof and rust proof

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