Motorscrubber Scrubber Dryer Scotland

MotorScrubber Portable Cleaning Machines

Our range of machines are designed for professional use, offering the user faster cleaning while achieving outstanding results and best of all MotorScrubber is enjoyable to use, as we like to say... Let MotorScrubber do the hard work for you. 

We're committed to innovation and product development and continually strive to bring you the very best in cleaning equipment.

MotorScrubber M3

A small machine with big capabilities, the incredibly versatile, UK-manufactured Motorscrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans stairs and skirting boards, windows, ventilation grilles, and hard-to reach areas in kitchens, washrooms, swimming pools, changing rooms, public transport vehicles, and much more!


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MotorScrubber JET3

Transporting a bucket of solution or pump up sprayer to wherever you need to clean can be tedious, difficult and time consuming, with more chance of spillages and overuse of solution. 


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MotorScrubber STORM

Motorscrubber Storm – Easy and efficient decontamination for all industries. Developed in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, the brand new Motorscrubber Storm propels a fine mist which rains down to deliver fast and efficient surface coverage.

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MotorScrubber PROWASH

Exterior surfaces have always been problematic to clean - manual methods can be very labour intensive and often produce poor and disappointing results. This is why the MotorScrubber ProWash was developed. Motorscrubber ProWash is a totally unique machine allowing mechanical scrubbing together with chemical application for cleaning large surfaces.


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MotorScrubber FORCE

Big commercial buildings have a need for large scrubber dryers to clean their open spaces. These machines have hefty water capacities and long battery life enabling a deep clean without stopping.  The challenge presented was that these buildings also have smaller spaces to clean, such as toilet cubicles, stairs and under tables.  This results in extra costs through having to buy a separate smaller machine and increased labour in returning to those same areas. In the worst scenarios, less effective methods such as mopping are employed, resulting in poor cleaning results. 


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MotorScrubber BLADE

BLADE - The 2 in 1, Power Squeegee + Ultra-Microfibre System, delivers powerful performance and unbeatable clean...

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