Fimap E-Spray Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

The Fimap E-Spray is a professional spray gun which uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces.

Lightweight and very comfortable to use, E-Spray is powered by a lithium battery that allows several hours of sanitising, without the restrictions or hazards of a mains cable.
The solution is sprayed in a very fine, electrostatically-charged mist which is attracted to surfaces with a “wrap-around” effect, reaching every point of the area to be treated. 
The settling solution droplets create a sanitising coating on surfaces.
E-Spray significantly reduces labour associated with disinfection, particularly in areas that are difficult to disinfect properly, such as computer keyboards and telephones in offices, or checkouts in supermarkets or shops.

Suitable for Many Applications

  • 3 nozzles create droplets of 40, 80 or 100 microns, according to needs and applications
  • Compact design allows operators to sanitise in small rooms such as bathrooms and offices
  • Solution adheres quickly to all surfaces, even curved ones, does not create coarsely accumulated droplets and reaches even hard-to-access areas
  • Solution is evenly distributed over the entire surface, providing 360°coverage to increase the quality of sanitising
  • Solution is atomised into small particles, which dry quickly and do not wet the surfaces and do not create drips
  • Fast application of solution saves time and reduces labour costs

How does it work?

The E-Spray electrically charges the solution coming out of the nozzle. 
These charged molecules repel each other, so they do not merge in the air. At the same time, they are attracted to the surface to be treated. The strength of the charged particles is greater than that of gravity, so they are immediately attracted to surfaces and do not fall to the ground, thus creating 360° coverage.


  • Standard Power Supply: 18v 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Optional Power Supply: 18v 4000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Solution Capacity: 1 litre
  • Nozzle Size: 40/80/100 micron
  • Tank Running Time: 22/12/8 minutes
  • Battery Running Time: < 6 hours
  • Theoretical Productivity: < 350m²/ hour
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 417 x 280 x 95mm

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