Kranzle Therm 871 E-ST 48KW Electrically Heated Static Pressure Washer

The electrically heated Kranzle Therm machines are unique to the market, with no pre-heating time required and allowing for constant operational temperature control within +/- 1°C. Built to order and beautifully finished in stainless steel, this is a powerful instant hot and cold pressure washer with durable design for industrial and commercial use, best suited for factory use. Unlike ‘kettle’ type systems, Kranzle use a series of post pump heating coils, prolonging the service life of the pump, especially seals, O-rings and valves.

Product Features:

  • 415v Three Phase
  • 14.5 litres per minute
  • 170 bar
  • Increase Water Temperature + 46˚C

This Kranzle Pressure Washer System Includes:

  • High Pressure chemical
  • 30 second stand-by mode
  • 20 minute unit total switch off

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