The Vikan Transport Concept

Vikan offers the only fully comprehensive range of task-specific cleaning tools for the commercial transport sector. The wide range of high quality products features attractive, innovative and functional designs for efficient and effective cleaning of:

  • Touring coaches and city buses
  • Commercial trucks and vans
  • Railway and tram carriages
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Taxis, chauffeur services and private cars

Contact us today about any of these superior Vikan products:

Vikan Alloy Wheel Rim Brush

The brush has chemically-resistant, medium stiffness, synthetic filaments and a nylon protected handle.

Vikan Ergonomic Handle

The 1500mm handle has an insulated grip for functional and comfortable use.

Vikan Telescopic Water-Fed Handle

The handle has an ergonomic insulated grip and an optional ½” quick coupling connector.

Vikan Large Vehicle Wash Brush

This 370mm brush is safe and effective for use on large vehicles as a dip or water-fed brush.

Vikan Small Vehicle Wash Brush

This 270mm brush can be used as a dip or water-fed brush.

Vikan Vehicle Wash Brush

The angled design allows the brush filaments to be in constant contact with surfaces during washing.

Vikan Floor Squeegee

A highly effective squeegee with oil resistant rubber to remove excess floor liquids. Available in 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Rim Brush

Alloy wheel cleaning brush with soft natural filaments, chemical resistent with nylon protected handle.

Vikan Wipe-n-Shine

An efficient way to remove water and calcium spots from vehicle paintwork. Available in 25cm, 35cm and 45cm.

Vikan Ice Scraper - Snow Brush

Dual purpose Ice Scraper/Snow Brush removes snow and ice in the coldest conditions. The useful size is also perfect to sweep out inaccessible areas of cabs.

Vikan Stiff Broom

A general purpose broom for dry, wet and oily areas. Available in a choice of 40 or 63cm.

Vikan Wheel Cleaning Brush - Rim Cleaner

This large wheel cleaning brush with angled soft and split filaments cleans wheels, tanks and under carriages of vehicles - particularly recommended for commercial vehicles.

Vikan Upholstery Brush

An indispensable brush for long distance drivers, this effective upholstery brush cleans coach seats and drivers cabs.

Vikan Lustre Cloth

An unrivalled microfibre cloth for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. The Lustre cloth does not require any cleaning agent – simply spray lightly with water and wipe clean. Polishes surfaces without leaving any fibres or streaks.

Vikan Pad Holder and Pad

A simple device for easy removal of insects and other contaminants from windscreens. The swivel-head pad holder and non-scratch pad dramatically reduce cleaning time and protect against windscreen scratching.

Seven Piece Detailing Brush Set

Professional detailing brush set. Ideal for removing dust and cleaning crevices and hard to access areas - can also be used as small paint brushes.

Vikan Wooden Pole

Five foot wooden handle - fits all Vikan brushes.

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