The Vikan Microfibre Concept Cleaning

The Vikan Microfibre Concept is based upon ergonomics, quality of cleaning, economy and environmental protection.  Well-designed tools which support natural patterns of movement help reduce working time, fatigue and physical impact. This leads to improved well-being amongst workers, fewer sick days and higher productivity. Together with specially developed, long-life mops and cloths which can be adapted for use on different surfaces, single-procedure cleaning operations are possible with reduced use of water and cleaning solutions.

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Vikan Wet 61 Mop 545443

A highly absorbent yarn mop presenting low friction for easy use and high efficiency in removing sand and dirt, the Wet 61 is especially suitable for cleaning hallways, entrances and other very dirty areas. Available in Blue, Red, Yellow and Grey - 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Dry 24 Mop 547160

The Dry 24 mop uses a high tech, specially treated polyester fibre to gather dust and surface debris and carry it away from the floor. Presenting very little friction, it is ideal for large floor areas. Available in Grey only - 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Dry 21 Mop 547260

The Dry 21 mop works without water to clean all types of hard, flat floors. Used completely dry, the micro fibres use static electricity to collect dust, dirt and hairs and prevent dust from becoming airborne. Available in Grey only - 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Scrub Mop 548140

For use on non-slip floors and stubborn stains, this mop is also excellent for removing graffiti. Not for use on wood or untreated linoleum. Available in Grey only and 40cm only.

Vikan Wet Scrub Mop 548240

Works extremely well on safety flooring and in high traffic areas, it removes ingrained dirt, stains and scuffs with little effort. Available in Grey - 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Damp 47 Deep Clean 548540

The special pattern of the weave means that it is possible to use a high percentage of microfibre without compromising on efficiency and ergonomics. This mop is especially suitable for tiled and structured floors with high levels of fat and grease in production areas. Available in Grey/White and Red - 40cm only.

Vikan Damp 48 Heavy Duty 548740

Damp 48 is ideal for medium-heavy soiling on smooth floor surfaces. The raised microfibre stripes help cut through even the toughest of dirt, whilst the stranded fringe helps collect the heavier particles. The bulkier construction, which combines absorbent viscose and microfibre, creates a lasting reservoir of water to extend the coverage even in the most demanding areas. Available in Grey - 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Damp 41 Mop 549440

Perfect for all types of hard, flat floors, micro fibres pick up dirt, dust and bacteria and remove surface dirt and stains. For best results, the Damp 41 mop should be used with 175% moisture. Available in Grey - 25cm, 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Damp 42 Mop 549540

The Damp 42 mop features a special weave pattern to increase cleaning efficiency together with an integrated moisture reservoir to ensure an even moisture level. These mops are particularly suitable for waxed or specially treated floors and should be used with 150% moisture for best results. Available in Grey - 25cm, 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Damp 43 Mop 549643

Micro fibre yarn loops collect dirt while cut loops collect and transport moisture. Designed for removing sand and dirt, they should be used with 150% moisture for greatest efficiency. Available in Grey, Blue and Red - 25cm, 40cm and 60cm.

Vikan Lustre Cloth 691540

The perfect cloth for cleaning windows, mirrors and hard polished surfaces without using chemical products, the lustre cloth requires only slight moisture to clean and leaves no lint or streaks. The revolutionary fibre does not transfer dirt from cloth back to surface.

Vikan Aluminium Frames 374218

Mopframe, velcro, 40cm, Grey. Composite velcro mop frame, to be used with all 40cm velcro mop heads and click fit handles within the Vikan microfibre range. Suitable for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.

Mopframe, velcro, 25cm, Grey. Vikan Ergoclean Velcro Mop Frame is designed for professional cleaning and to be used with our ergonomic handles for cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, boards and tables. Smaller size gives added manoeuvrability.

Vikan Pocket Mop Frame 374018

Designed for use with Vikan ErgoClean pocket mops, this durable yet lightweight frame features good balance and weight distribution between the head joints for easier changing of the mop. The flexible, revolving neck allows for cleaning in all positions - floors, walls, ceilings, tables, etc.

Vikan Aluminium Telescopic handle with Click Fit 295618

Used with a 25cm mop frame and window mop to clean glass, stainless steel, ceramics and other high gloss vertical surfaces. Can also be used with table mop for horizontal surfaces, such as laminates and wood.

Vikan ergonomic handles with click fit for professional cleaning. It is characterised by its light weight, its insulated ergonomic grip, correctly dimensioned to the hand. They are robust and easy to clean. They have been developed in collaboration with Occupational Therapists for comfortable to hold. The hand support facilitates work on vertical and high surfaces. The top of the handle is moulded to fit the palm, allowing workers to exert extra pressure.

Vikan Easy Shine Kit 549101

The Easy Shine Kit from the Vikan Mircofibre Concept can be used for cleaning in a number of areas such as windows, mirrors and white boards as well as many other high gloss surfaces. The complete Easy Shine Kit features:

• 1 Ergonomic Telescopic Handle Click Fit, 500-800mm
• 1 Frame, 25cm
• 5 Window Mop, 25cm
• 5 Microfibre Lustre Cloths, Grey
• 1 Spray Bottle 250ml

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