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In addition to an extensive range of colour coded brushes and cleaning materials, Vikan offer arguably the best vehicle cleaning brushes on the market.

Developed in collaboration with customers and with a focus on the needs of the end-user, Vikan Transport brushes are effective, efficient and durable and offer exceptional cleaning capabilities. All brushes within the Vikan Transport range feature innovative rubber edges to prevent damage to paintwork, livery, signage or other coatings. With more than 70 cleaning tools, the Transport range ensures that all vehicle exterior washing and interior cleaning tasks can be performed in a shorter time and with the best possible result.

Vikan Transport Concept

Vikan offers the only fully comprehensive range of task-specific cleaning tools for the commercial transport sector. The wide range of high quality products features attractive, innovative and functional designs for efficient and effective cleaning of...

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Vikan Colour Coded Concept

Colour coding is a critical element of HACCP plans in food, beverage and catering industries and in healthcare environments but can also be a useful tool in other industries as a method of checking and maintaining cleaning tools by designating colours to specific...

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Vikan Microfibre Concept

The Vikan Microfibre Concept is based upon ergonomics, quality of cleaning, economy and environmental protection. Well-designed tools which support natural patterns of movement help reduce working time, fatigue and physical impact...

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Amazing Vikan Customer Testimonial

"The Vikan cleaning system has delivered in terms of cost, efficiency and the high quality finish required. And, because the brushes are so durable and well constructed, they also last for ever, making the Vikan system very economical." ...

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