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Sweepers for Small Coverage Areas

Whilst manual sweeping may often seem to be the most economical solution to controlling dust and debris in small areas, the very nature of the process may actually be costing you money! Manual sweeping can be time-consuming and only really tackles larger debris and heavier particles - the finest dusts tend to become airborne, only to re-settle on floors, ledges and stock. Our range of small area sweepers collect and retain even the finest dusts! With much greater productivity than manual processes, you can rapidly reduce cleaning time and frequency, saving on labour costs and allowing labour resources to be allocated to more critical areas of your business.

Dulevo 700M Manual Sweeper

An economical, yet sturdy pedestrian sweeper built on a steel frame, the 700M sweeper offers an economical solution to sweeping of light debris in small areas. With twin hoppers to collect and retain dust and debris in both forward and reverse directions...

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Dulevo Wave 52 & Wave 74 Powered Pedestrian Sweepers

Dulevo Wave sweepers are compact, powered pedestrian sweepers featuring all the technology of larger, industrial equipment. Designed for use in both commercial and industrial environments, the Wave range of sweepers are incredibly robust and reliable, offering high performance, low maintenance and low cost in use...

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Poli Motoscope 51ET & 71ET Pedestrian Sweepers

Poli pedestrian sweepers offer an easy solution to dirt and debris collection in small to medium sized industrial areas. Robust construction, simple controls and clever design...

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