Sweepers for Medium Coverage Areas

Controlling dust and debris can seem to be an endless task in modern businesses. The problem is that manual processes only really tackle larger debris and heavier particles - the finest dusts tend to become airborne, only to re-settle on floors, ledges and stock. Our range of medium area sweepers collect and retain even the finest dusts, presenting a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff and visitors! With much greater productivity than manual processes, you can rapidly reduce cleaning time and frequency, saving on labour costs and allowing labour resources to be allocated to more critical areas of your business.

IPC 1050E Sweeper

Easy to use with pre-set working programmes, the IPC 1050E ride on floor sweeper is designed for industrial use in medium to large warehouses, garages, car parks...

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IPC 1404E Sweeper

With simple, pre-set work programmes, IPC’S compact 1404E ride-on sweeper offers a sweeping width of 1200mm for cleaning large warehouses, garages, car parks...

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