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Swarfega Skincare Range

Correct pre-work protection and subsequent cleaning is an essential process in protecting the skin when at work.  The Swarfega range offers a number of solutions to different degrees and types of workplace soilings.  
Pre-work creams help to make the skin easier to clean, allowing milder cleansers to be used.  Swarfega cleansers contain carefully blended compounds to safely and effectively remove dirt and irritants without upsetting the structure of the skin or its functions. 
Finally, after-work creams restore the skin’s natural moisture, helping to prevent dry and cracked hands. With regular use, these can help maintain the skin in a healthy condition. 
Our most popular Swarfega products are detailed below, however please Contact Us if you would like to source a particular product.

Swarfega Protect

Provides protection against both water-based and non-water based soilings such as oils, greases, solvents, paints, adhesives and detergents. Suitable for use under latex and nitrile gloves...

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Swarfega Orange Hand Cleanser

An advanced formula hand cleanser with natural ingredients and polygrains for quick and efficient removal of oil, grease and general soiling...

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Swarfega Restore

A combination of jojoba, aloe and wheatgerm oil to help replenish the skin’s natural oils and to keep skin soft and supple. The perfume-free and dye-free formula is mild on the skin, rubs in easily and is non-greasy...

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