Orbot Floor Cleaning Machines

Orbital Floor Technology - One machine for every floor! - The increased mechanical action of the Orbot reduces other factors of floor cleaning like water, chemicals, time and physical effort. This enables high performance on a diverse range of floor surfaces with the following benefits:

Sustainability: For most applications, only water is used, reducing the environmental impact of chemicals.

Improved Air Quality: The low consumption of cleaning agents leads to the improvement of indoor air quality. 

Reduced Water Consumption: The ORBOT consumes on average 10 times less water compared to conventional cleaning methods. 

Faster Drying: Due to the low water usage, drying times are greatly reduced which prevents mould formation on carpets and reduces re-soiling from foot traffic.

Orbot Sprayborg Floor Cleaning

Orbital technology is the secret behind the unique cleaning effect of the ORBOT Sprayborg. The excentric driver system creates thousands of small circular movements with a diameter of 3/8" at 1725rpm. At the same time, these "orbits" rotate around the centre of the driver plate at 80rpm. These two movements are combined into one system...

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Orbot Micro

The ORBOT Micro is the easiest orbital dual driver tool to clean stairs and upholstery. Designed to eliminate operator fatigue and discomfort while cleaning stairs and upholstery, ORBOT Micro also includes a 3 ft extension handle for quick carpet spotting jobs...

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Orbot Sprayborg Video Demonstrations

Click here to view our selection of Orbot Sprayborg and Micro cleaning video demonstrations including a full set of how to maintenance and management videos...


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