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Meguiar's 5 Steps Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing Guide:

1 Wash: Wash your car using water and a specially formulated car wash and conditioner. Dishwashing soaps and detergents strip your car's wax and can dry your paint out leading to a loss of gloss and shine. All Meguiar's washes are also environmentally safe.

2 Cleaning / Preparation: Check for & remove above surface contaminants life tree sap mist with clay before checking for below-surface defects. The most effecetive way to remove below surface paint problems like oxidation, fine scratches and swirls is to use a clear-coat safe paint cleaner like Meguiar's Ultimate Compund.

3 Polish (Optional): Polishing is recommended as an optional step, especially for dark coloured cars, prior to waxing to help create the ultimate in high gloss.

4 Wax / Protect: To protect and add a briliant shine to your paint's surface, use only premium car wax products like Meguiar's Ultimate Wax.

5 Maintain: Regular maintenance removes above surface contaminants like brid droppings or tree sap before they have time to bond or etch into your paint finish. Meguiar's Quik Detailer or Ultimate Quik Detailer dramatically extend the durability of your wax protection & safely removes dust and grime between washes.

Meguiar's Deep Crystal Step 2 Polish - A2116EU

Creates a brilliant high gloss shine and conditions paint prior to waxing.

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Meguiar's Ultimate Polish - G19216EU

The final step before waxing for maximum gloss & reflection. Adds a deep rich wet look to paints and eliminates fine swirls for a perfect finish prior to waxing.

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Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus - G7014EU

Improved formula incorporating a premium carnauba wax and protective polymers. Leaves a deeper reflection and a brilliant shine.

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