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Successful Graffiti Removal Solutions

Graffiti is a common and unsightly problem both inside and outside buildings. Due to the vast variety of surface types which are vandalised, safe removal without causing further damage can often present a problem.

Capital Power Clean carry a full range of graffiti removers for use on stone and porous surfaces, powder- coated cladding, painted areas and sensitive plastics and polycarbonates.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and ensure that you source the best product for your application.

Off The Wall Graffiti Removal

A synergised blend of biodegradable solvents, Off The Wall is non-flammable and formulated to rapidly break down ink, aerosol and paint-based graffiti without the harmful vapours normally associated with graffiti removal products. A low viscosity product...

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Plastic Safe Graffiti Removal

Safe on plastics, laminates and polycarbonates, Plastic Safe is ideal for use in enclosed spaces and shelters and for intelligent remover of paint from painted surfaces – Different types of paint, such as car paint, powder coated paint and gloss paints are chemically different to aerosol spray paints used by vandals...

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D-Solve Graffiti Remover

Rapidly dissolves or breaks up all forms of graffiti on porous surfaces such as masonry or brickwork. The strong solvent action works on felt tip, ball point, crayon, and spray paint (cellulose, acrylic or polyurethane). Floor paints and varnishes are also dissolved by the powerful action of D-Solve...

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