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SkyVac Powerful Gutters Cleaning Machine

SkyVac launches the most powerful gutter cleaner on the market...

SkyVac has launched what it believes is the world's most powerful pole operated gutter cleaner. The company says that the SkyVac Industrial is at least three times more powerful than any other model; capable of drawing 8000 litres of air per minute and lifting water 150in. It will even remove heavy tufts of grass up to 5 kilos.

Celebrating its fifth year of UK production, SkyVac has designed this model for all situations. It has three motors controlled by a power management lever to operate on 6,500 - 8,000 litres suction per minute and to ensure economical use of electricity.

Unlike some other brands, the SkyVac Industrial is made to the company's own specification and not 'off the shelf' parts. The vacuum unit has a side loading input port and internal vortex system so no rubbish blocks on the filter.

A custom-built, all terrain, industrial specification steel chassis enables the unit to be wheeled down steps. The carbon fibre poles, which will reach 12 meters or four storeys, are said to be the lightest available.

The SkyVac Industrial has a powerful 3,300 Watt motor and comes with a range of tools - two standard day tools for normal or extra-long reach, two reducers for small openings and a stainless steel dirt breaker.

This product, designed with safety in mind, is operational from ground level and there is an optional camera available to enable the operator to check gutters before and after cleaning.

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