Winter Cleaning and De-icers Products and Solutions Scotland UK

Solutions for Winter

Let us help you and your business get through the long winter months as smoothly and safely as possible! When the elements take a turn for the worse, we can supply a variety of products to keep the wheels of your business turning uninterrupted. In addition to excellent De-icer and screenwash solutions, some of which offer protection to -27°C, we offer snow brushes and shovels as well as Magic Ice Melt.

Magic Ice Melt helps to prevent slips and falls caused by icy conditions. Suitable for use in both business and domestic applications, it is a non-toxic, non-harmful solution, safe for use around pets and small children. Magic Ice Melt won't damage carpets or polished flooring and unlike traditional ice melting methods, it won't track brown muck into your home or business!

Magic Ice Melt De-Icer

Magic Ice Melt Original is a free-flowing, fast-acting, solid de-icer in the form of white granules. The product is completely harmless to humans and animals and will not attack concrete, fabrics or metals, thus allowing application without the need for protective clothing and an important factor in why it is the de-icer of choice...

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Ice Scraper

A tough, durable and comfortable ice-scraper for removing frost, ice and snow from vehicle windscreens.

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Snow Scoop

A highly durable, robust snow scoop constructed from thick polyurethane to withstand vigorous use. Supplied with 5' wooden handle.

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One Piece Snow Shovels

Extremely lightweight snow shovels moulded in one piece to offer ultimate strength and durability. We have a wide choice of "D" or "T" grip options and large or small blades to suit your preference...

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All Weather Screenwash

A sub-zero windscreen wash additive suitable for all vehicles and offering protection to -7°C. All Weather Screenwash effectively removes insect smear...

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Arctic Screenwash

A sub-zero windscreen wash providing protection to -35°C and formulated to effectively remove smear, salt and traffic film without damaging wiper blades or rubber seals...

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De-Icer Windscreen Clearer

A concentrated, anti-smear formula to leave windscreens clear and frost free, our De-Icer has a powerful jet to easily reach truck windscreens and can also be used to free frozen lock mechanisms...

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Winter Driver Bags

Specially developed for the transport industry, and available to order in bulk. An environmentally friendly, reusable, 100% cotton bag is filled with the following items and can be ‘topped up’ at any time by calling a member of the Capital Power Clean team.

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