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Water Fed Window Cleaning Poles

Just as important as your Pure Water system, the Water Fed pole is the business end of your operation. As it will be used for long periods every day, you will want to consider not only the length of pole needed to reach the heights you require, but also the rigidity, weight and pole diameter to make it as manageable and comfortable to use as possible, as well as collapsed length for ease of storage and transportation. Capital Power Clean supply an extensive range of water fed poles from Ionic, Unger, Streamline and Facelift.

Streamline Ecoline Water Fed Poles

An economical, professional pole for both domestic and commercial window cleaners, the Ecoline pole is constructed from lightweight composite material finished with acrylic resin. A plastic base cap to prevent damage and a bonded nylon collar...

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Streamline NTECH Water Fed Poles

Quality, hard wearing telescopic poles with good rigidity, NTECH poles are constructed from a lightweight composite material and finished with epoxy resin for extra durability. NTECH poles are fitted with a hard wearing Plasti-Butt cap...

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Streamline Ecolite V2 Water Fed Poles

Featuring 80% Carbon Fibre composite construction finished with epoxy resin, Ecolite V2 poles are stiffer and lighter to enable prolonged working time with less fatigue. Available in 9 popular sizes from 17’ to 54’, all poles are fitted with a wear-resistant top collar...

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Streamline Ultralite Modular Poles

Probably the lightest water fed poles ever, with each Carbon Fibre section weighing just over 200g, the modular design of the Ultralite pole system allows you to add or remove sections to suit the working height...

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