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Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems

When it comes to Pure Water window cleaning, Capital Power Clean have a system to suit every window cleaning company and budget and even systems for domestic use. 
From economical and manoeuvrable carts to fully-fitted van mount systems, spotless window cleaning results can be achieved at heights up to 60 feet.


Trailer systems are extremely versatile and allow you to free up the load area in your van or even run your cleaning operation with a car. Options include simple de-ionising resin filter systems, or mini reverse osmosis filter systems for use in hard water areas, fitted and ready to go.

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FiltaPura Van Mounted Window Cleaning

FiltaPura Van Mounted Window Cleaning Systems offer large capacity wayer storage and transportation for the larger commercial window cleaner. Simply fill the tank with tap water for purification through either de-ionising resin or a reverse osmosis system to produce 100% pure water...

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Pure Magic 250 DI Ecosystem

Ideal for smaller domestic window cleaning companies or Facilities Managers, the Pure Magic 250 Ecosystem is a compact, 250 litre van mounted D.I. resin system which houses all components within the footprint of the tank and allows for easy fitting even in smaller vans...

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Pure Magic 400 DI Ecosystem

An excellent starter option for medium sized vehicles, the Pure Magic 400 DI Ecosystem is a compact, 400 litre van mounted D.I. resin system. With all components housed within the footprint of the baffled tank, it allows for easy fitting and still leaves space for other equipment...

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Pure Magic 680 DI Ecosystem

Designed for the professional user and for installation in larger vehicles, the Pure Magic 680 DI Ecosystem incorporates  a 680 litre flat baffled tank with DI resin filter, twin 100psi pumps and digital controllers...

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Streamline Heatwave Hot Water Systems

Easily convert your Pure Water system to clean with hot water using a Heatwave Thermo 1 or Thermo 2 water heater. The greatest benefit of these systems is in reduced cleaning times as hot water cuts through dirt, snail trails, spider webs, etc...

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