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Spilled fluids not only present a headache for cleaning staff, but can also present Health & Safety Risks and damage to floors. Capital Power Clean supply a wide range of spill recovery and protection systems including socks, mats, flexible barriers, Spill Hound, bunds and bunded storage cabinets. Our range of spill response products includes solutions for the recovery of hazardous spills such as acids or body fluids and even systems to remove oil spills from water, whether in the environment or in industrial processes.

NEW PIG is one of the best known brands in spill control and containment. Capital Power Clean can supply all New Pig products and we have detailed some of the most innovative systems available – please contact us if you don’t see the product your are looking for, if you wish to discuss a particular application or if you require a site survey to assess your spill control requirements.

Spill Hound - Absorbent System

Spill Hound is a new and innovative way to deal with various types of spills including: oil, diesel, emulsion/semi aqueous fluids, paints and inks - in the workplace or on roadways or motorways. Stored in the 'Wheelie Bin' styled recycling centre. The kit comes complete with a tool set, which includes...

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Ampho-Mag Neutraliser

Quickly identify the nature of unknown spillages – Ampho-Mag™ turns acids red and caustics blue. Once neutralised, spills will turn green or yellow to indicate that they may be safely cleaned up...

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New Pig Grippy Mat

The only absorbent mat to stay in place without curling, bunching or sliding, Grippy® incorporates a one-of-a-kind adhesive to hold the mat firmly to the floor yet still allow for easy removal, leaving no sticky residue! The durable top layer withstands traffic and 8 layers of fine fibres rapidly absorb and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water...

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New Pig Universal Trough Mat

A chemical-resistant, low profile leak-proof barrier to prevent liquids reaching floors, the Universal Mat Trough includes PIG® Mat pads and easily slides below machinery etc.
Ideal for catching drips and absorbing overspray in a wide range of industries...

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New Pig High Visibility Yellow Mat

Alert staff and visitors to potential slip hazards! With the same great features as standard PIG® Mats, the High Visibility mat is easy to see in poorly lit areas where leaks and spills are being cleaned up and is ideal for a wide range of industries...

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New Pig Traffic Mat

Tough enough to withstand even forklift traffic, the Traffic Mat is ideal for absorbing water from wheels or liquid overspray in industrial environments. Traffic Mat is available with an optional poly backing to prevent soak-through onto floors...

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New Pig Heavy Fluids Mat

For rapid recovery of thick liquids such as paint, glue, crude oil, syrups etc the Heavy Fluids Mat has been designed with a porous airspace to accelerate absorption and is supplied as a pack of 50 56x46cm pads or as a 56cm x 26m roll...

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New Pig Stat-Mat Solvents Recovery

Designed for the recovery of highly flammable liquids such as fuels and solvents, the Stat-Mat® is treated to dissipate static electricity. Packaging is also treated to minimise the risk of sparking in hazardous environments.  Available as both light and heavy duty pads or rolls, Stat-Mat® safely absorbs solvents, cleaning fluids and petroleum-based liquids including acetone, gasoline, xylene, mineral spirits, benzene, toluene and jet fuels.

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New Pig Haz Mat Acid Absorption

Capable of absorbing the widest range of acids, caustics and unknown liquids, the pink Haz Mat immediately alerts workers to hazardous spillages and offers rapid absorption of spills. With unrivalled performance, Haz Mat will withstand high concentrations like 98% sulphuric acid...

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New Pig Oil Only Systems

Highly efficient in absorbing oil-based products, Pig’s Oil Only systems repel water so that you only recover the critical element of spillages, making them ideal for recovering spills from water without wasting absorbent...

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New Pig Sump Skimmers

Designed to remove oil from water in sumps, pits, tanks and bilges, Sump Skimmers repel water so that you only recover the critical element of contamination, saving on absorbent material.  Sump Skimmers are easily attached to a rope for trouble-free retrieval...

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New Pig Absorb & Lock

Highly absorbent co-polymers rapidly absorb liquid spills and permanently lock them in place, forming a solid mass for easy clean-up. The non-toxic, non-abrasive formula is safe to handle and will not damage machinery and waste product may be incinerated...

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