UNGER nLite Water Fed Poles

Setting a benchmark in professional cleaning technology, Unger water fed poles deliver the perfect balance between weight and rigidity, with 5 different mix and match pole materials. The basis of any Unger water fed pole is the 4 section, 22’ Master pole, which can be easily extended to your desired height by simply adding further 2 section, 11’ extensions from the bottom. This means that you can clean up to 6 storeys if required but can also reduce the weight of the pole when working at lower heights. The nLite system also means that the pole diameter never exceeds 35mm, for comfortable and ergonomic operation. 
ALUMINIUM and GLASS FIBRE are the heaviest Master Poles at 2.0kg and 1.7kg respectively and are recommended for heights up to 2 storeys.

ALUMINIUM Extension poles weigh 1.1kg, CARBON Extensions just 1.0kg 
The HYBRID Master Pole is constructed from a mix of glass and carbon fibres offering  greater rigidity and is suitable for heights up to 4 storeys, weighing 1.7kg.

THE HYBRID Extension weighs 0.9kg.

CARBON Master Poles weigh just 1.6kg and are recommended for cleaning up to 4 storeys. Extension poles weigh only 0.8 kg.

HIMOD poles are engineered for maximum rigidity and minimum weight to clean up to and beyond 5 storeys. The Master Pole weighs just 1.5kg, extensions only 0.7kg.
All Unger poles are supplied without hoses, goosenecks and brushes, which must be ordered separately – Please contact us for more detailed information.

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