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Effective cleaning at EKV Commercial Vehicle Washing Centre

"We take pride in delivering a quality finish and a fast turnaround with the minimum waiting time for our drivers, and the Vikan transport range has delivered in terms of both the efficiency and effectiveness required. Vikan products have proved durable and up to the heavy demands we place on our cleaning tools while their ergonomic design ensures a better working environment for our staff."
Frank Nielsen, Manager of the Washing Centre, EKV Hørning

The Challenge

Transport managers need their vehicles to be clean so as to protect the brand image shown on the side of their trucks, while commercial drivers have a sense of pride for the vehicle they are driving and living in for most of the week.

EKV was in search of a cleaning solution that would ensure that the vehicles could be cleaned effectively and promptly, deliver high levels of internal hygiene, and maintain excellent working conditions for its employees. In particular, EKV was seeking a supplier of suitable durable products that would ensure effective exterior cleaning without damaging paintwork, livery, signage or other coatings.

The Solution

EKV chose Vikan's transport range of cost-effective, durable and easy-to-store products, designed specifically for the heavy demands of the commercial sector and for use on vehicles of all sizes.

The solution includes solid polypropylene stocks with nylon filaments that have protective rubber edges that prevent any damage to paintwork, and water-fed wash brushes with telescopic handles and a choice of adjustable brush heads for hard to reach areas. Stubborn dirt from wheel rims is removed safely and effectively with the rim brush, while Vikan's stiff brushes and microfibre-based cloths remove interior dust and grime from around the controls and in the living area.

EKV also selected Vikan for its customer-oriented approach to product development. Working closely with EKV, Vikan has created a specifically angled high/low brush (Item no. 526852) that is designed to be in constant contact with surfaces during washing.



Amerc obtains speed and effective results

"The Vikan cleaning system has delivered in terms of cost, efficiency and the high quality finish required. And, because the brushes are so durable and well constructed, they also last for ever, making the Vikan system very economical."

Warren Newstead, director at Amerc Executive Chauffeur Services.

The Challenge

Amerc take pride in offering an exceptional quality service at an affordable price. Maintaining their fleet of immaculate Mercedes Benz vehicles cost-effectively in pristine condition is, therefore, a top priority.

With high levels of corporate and prestigious private work, such as weddings and day excursions, Amerc aim to clean, polish and vacuum the cars between each job, however tight the turnaround. As jet washes had been ruled out as too expensive and time-consuming while the sponge-and-detergent combination left residual limescale streaks, Amerc was looking for tools that could combine speed with effective results, would be easy and comfortable to use, and would protect the paintwork.

The Solution

From Vikan's comprehensive transport tool range, Amerc selected a number of Vikan's water-fed wash brushes. A choice of angled or adjustable brush heads deliver an increase in cleaning productivity by ensuring the nylon filaments maintain maximum contact with the vehicle surface. In addition, the solid polypropylene stocks have protective rubber edges that prevent any damage to paintwork.

Combined with one of a range of ergonomically designed telescopic water-fed handles, the wash brushes can be deployed just as quickly and effectively on the people carriers as the saloon cars, while the hand held squeegee, Wipe 'n' Shine, removes rinse water residues and limescale deposits. Stubborn dirt from alloy wheel rims is removed safely and effectively with the rim brush.

For interiors, Vikan's stiff brushes and microfibre-based cloths maintain upholstery and carpets in pristine condition, and the microfibre glove enables dust and grime removal from the awkward areas on the dashboard and around the controls.

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