Dulevo 52 Wave & 74 Wave Manual Sweepers Range

Dulevo Wave 52 & Wave 74 Pedestrian Sweepers

Dulevo Wave sweepers are compact, powered pedestrian sweepers featuring all the technology of larger, industrial equipment.

Designed for use in both commercial and industrial environments, the Wave range of sweepers are incredibly robust and reliable, offering high performance, low maintenance and low cost in use. With a filtering surface of 1.5m², you can be assured that dust will not only be collected, but retained within the machine, preventing re-settling on floors, ledges and stock.
Filtration may be further improved with an upgrade to the GORE filter, which guarantees the removal of hazardous PM10 particles from any environment.

Supplied with central sweeping brush and a single side brush as standard, the Wave 52 offers a cleaning width of 700mm while the Wave 74 will sweep a path of 900mm. Sweeping width may be increased by a further 200mm with the addition of a second side brush, offering productivity of up to 5000m²/hour.

Careful design of the waste hopper ensures that the full capacity can be used, minimising down time for emptying. Waste capacities for the 52 and 74 are 40 litres and 50 litres respectively.

Battery powered models are equipped with an AGM battery, offering 30% greater run time over batteries of equal size, whilst engine driven models feature a 6HP, air-cooled Subaru engine.

Choose a Dulevo Wave Sweeper if:

  • You require a compact sweeper with guaranteed industrial performance
  • You need to eliminate fine dusts and PM particles
  • You wish to minimise maintenance costs
  • You want a resilient machine but with an appealing design

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