Dulevo 850 Mini Street Sweeper

Dulevo 850 Mini Outdoor Sweeper

With a sweeping width of up to 2080mm and a scrubbing path of 1600mm, the Dulevo 850 Mini combines high sweeping capacity with reduced dimensions, easy manoeuvrability, high hourly productivity and tipping from height to allow deep cleaning in every corner of the city. As such, it is the ideal solution for areas beyond the reach of traditional street sweepers – pavements, cycle paths, station platforms, pedestrian areas, narrow alleys, parks and gardens.

The 850 Mini is a suction sweeper with a specially designed suction mouth allowing the collection of different sized debris without the loss of suction power. The suction pipe is easily accessed from below the driver’s seat for cleaning and its short length with no bends or kinks minimises the risk of clogging.

Unlike many competitive machines, the Dulevo 850 Mini uses very little water to dampen dust, and a reduced tank size of only 200 litres together with water recycling system maximises the capacity for debris collection. This system also ensures that collected debris remains almost dry, minimising the need for de-watering and disposal of black water.

High manoeuvrability is achieved by means of an articulated body, and with a low centre of gravity and independent suspension, stability is assured on all roads surfaces, allowing a travelling speed of 30km/h.

The speed of the side brushes may be adjusted, and the brushes themselves may be moved out by 30cm, increasing the working width of the machine and an additional 5m suction hose allows for collection of debris beyond the normal reach of the unit.

Compliant with the most stringent exhaust emissions and with an absolutely silent Kubota engine and sweeping system, environmental impact is kept to a minimum. The operators cab is air-conditioned for comfort and features wide glass panels and central driving position for ultimate visibility, whilst helical spring suspension and shock absorbers ensure comfort even on the most uneven surfaces.

Choose the 850 Mini Outdoor Sweeper if

  • You need to clean large outdoor areas in a short time
  • You need a versatile and manoeuvrable machine
  • You need to work in narrow or congested environments
  • You need to guarantee both excellent performance and operator comfort
  • You want to move easily from one place to another

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