Dulevo 200 Quattro Industrial Sweeper

Dulevo 200 Quattro Heavy Industry Sweeper

Expressly suited to the needs of heavy industry – steel plants, cement works, mines, timber mills, quarries etc, versatility is the key word for this unique sweeper. With a combined mechanical and vacuum collection system, the 200 QUATTRO offers unrivalled cleaning performance together with low environmental impact, low operating costs and enormous productivity of up to 78000m²/hour.

A 4 cylinder, water cooled diesel engine achieves a maximum travelling speed of 40km/h and allows the machine to be used for long periods even in the most demanding applications.

Featuring a large debris loading mouth and conveyor and with a sweeping width of up to 2600mm, the 200 QUATTRO has the ability to operate at 3 times the speed of traditional, non-combination sweepers. Productivity is further increased by a 2500 litre waste hopper and “dry” collection system to reduce emptying frequency.

Where debris is not within the reach of the brushes, a powerful suction hose may be fitted to the unit, making sure that even the tightest corners can be efficiently cleared of rubbish.
Fine dusts and light particles raised by the brush are sucked in by means of hydraulically controlled valves and are then retained in the bag filter located in the waste hopper. The rot-proof GORE dust filter itself guarantees PM10 dust compliance and boasts a filtration area of 19m² and ensures that only clean air is exhausted into the atmosphere. Efficiency is maintained by means of a vigorous electric filter shaker, minimising cleaning requirements.

Where dust levels prohibit the use of even small amounts of water (e.g. cement works), a special skirt may be fitted to enclose the side brooms, ensuring total efficiency.
Noise levels are minimised with a small but powerful suction turbine which is cleverly positioned and the use of sound absorbent materials and absence of vibrations ensure that neither operators nor pedestrians are exposed to excessive volume.

Choose a 200 Quattro Outdoor Sweeper if

  • You want to sweep both indoors and outdoors, with or without water
  • You need a machine which will operate in sub zero or extremely hot climates
  • You want fast sweeping on very large surfaces at lowest possible costs
  • You have an extremely dusty environment which does not lend itself to using water
  • You want to be able to re-use the collected material

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