Dulevo Industrial & Municipal Outdoor Sweepers

Municipal areas are commonly affected by unsightly litter and debris such as fallen leaves - but what about the finer dirt that you can't see?

There is an increasing awareness of the hazards presented by PM particulates on our streets, which have recently been linked to a variety of health problems from asthma to heart conditions. Our range of Dulevo sweepers tackle not only the large litter and debris but also the finest particulates, thanks to unique GORE filters produced here in the UK, ensuring that only clean air is exhausted back into the environment. Furthermore, with low water usage and incredible productivity they present an all-encompassing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to outdoor cleaning.

Dulevo 850 Mini Outdoor Sweeper

With a sweeping width of up to 2080mm and a scrubbing path of 1600mm, the Dulevo 850 Mini combines high sweeping capacity with reduced dimensions, easy manoeuvrability, high hourly productivity and tipping from height to allow deep cleaning in every corner...

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Dulevo 2000 Sky Outdoor Sweeper

The latest in sweeping technology from Dulevo, the 2000 SKY is an ergonomic compact sweeper which makes a low impact on the environment due to low water usage, quiet operation and retention of hazardous PM particles...

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Dulevo 200 Quattro Heavy Industry Sweeper

Expressly suited to the needs of heavy industry – steel plants, cement works, mines, timber mills, quarries etc, versatility is the key word for this unique sweeper. With a combined mechanical and vacuum collection system, the 200 QUATTRO offers unrivalled cleaning performance together with low environmental impact...

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Dulevo Euro 5 Economy Sweeper

The only sweeper in the world capable of combining manoeuvrability, economy and reliability with total control of particulates, maximum productivity and low maintenance costs. Designed for sweeping in both heavy industries and urban areas, the Dulevo 5000 guarantees efficient and ecologically sound performance...

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