Sweepers for Medium Coverage Areas

Controlling dust and debris can seem to be an endless task in modern businesses. The problem is that manual processes only really tackle larger debris and heavier particles - the finest dusts tend to become airborne, only to re-settle on floors, ledges and stock. Our range of medium area sweepers collect and retain even the finest dusts, presenting a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff and visitors! With much greater productivity than manual processes, you can rapidly reduce cleaning time and frequency, saving on labour costs and allowing labour resources to be allocated to more critical areas of your business.

Dulevo 75EH & 75SH Ride On Sweepers

The smallest ride-on sweeper in our range, the Dulevo 75 offers flawless sweeping results against all materials from fine dusts to heavy gravel and is suitable for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces – even carpets!...

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Dulevo 1100 & 1300 Ride On Sweepers

Designed for use in heavy industry and extremely industrial environments, the Dulevo 1100 and 1300 sweepers are compact and extremely manoeuvrable with hydraulic tipping system for easy emptying to bulk waste bins or skips up to a height of 1325mm...

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Poli Motoscope E70 S70 D70 Ride-on Sweepers

The Poli Motoscope 70 ride on floor sweepers are industrial strength machines suitable for medium to large warehouses, garages, car parks, etc. The battery powered E70 offers 3 hour continuous runtime & can be charged fully overnight...

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Poli Motoscope Gemma Ride On Sweepers

The compact E78 ride-on sweeper offers a sweeping width of 1150mm for cleaning of medium to large warehouse, garages, car parks, etc. together with hydraulic dumping to tip waste at a height of up to 1450mm...

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