Dulevo Sweepers for Large Coverage Areas

Large areas such as warehouses, distribution centres, heavy industry and car parks can be prone to a build-up of dust, litter and debris.  Tackling the problem with manual processes wastes labour resources and is often ineffective as finer dusts tend to become airborne, only to re-settle on floors, ledges, machinery and stock.

Our range of large area sweepers offer a solution, collecting and retaining even the finest dusts including PM particles deposited by vehicle exhausts and allowing you to present a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff and visitors! With enormous productivity and a range of power options to best suit your applications, our sweepers rapidly reduce cleaning time and frequency, saving on labour costs and allowing labour resources to be allocated to more critical areas of your business. The dry nature of the sweeping process even allows for collected materials to be recycled in many industries!

Dulevo 90 EH BK DK Industrial Sweepers

Offering the perfect combination of reliability, performance, simplicity and comfort, the Dulevo 90 Elite integrates traditional Dulevo engineering with a number of new patents, producing the market leading machine in terms of dust control...

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Dulevo 100 EH BK DK Industrial Sweepers

Designed for heavy industry and particularly dusty environments, the Dulevo 100 sweeper is available in battery (EH), petrol/LPG (BK) or diesel (DK) powered versions and is adaptable to demanding applications in goods handling depots, airports...

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Dulevo 120 EH GF DK Industrial Sweepers

Representing all you could ask for in an industrial sweeper, the Dulevo 120 is Europe’s top-selling machine. Designed for use in extremely dusty, heavy industrial environments, it is also suitable for use in public areas such as car parks and pedestrian shopping...

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