UNGER nLITE Hydropower DI24 / DI12W / DI24C

A new innovation in Pure Water Technology the Hydropower DI24  systems operate solely on mains water pressure (minimum 3 bar) and incorporate 2x 6 litre QuickChange Resin Bag capable of purifying approximately 2400 litres of water at 10 litres per minute, based upon water TDS levels of 180ppm. Replacement resin bags can be purchased separately or simply emptied and refilled and are changed as easily as a pod in a coffee machine! An integrated TDS monitor allows the operator to monitor purity of outgoing water. This system is ideal for smaller window cleaning businesses or as a “polishing” system as a final process to complement van mounted equipment. Available as a stand-alone unit,  fitted with large castor wheels or as a cart system with large pneumatic tyres for ultimate manoeuvrability, Hydropower systems can clean at heights of up to 60 feet (depending on available mains water pressure) and are easily connected to most water fed poles.

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