Filta Pura 5 Water Powered

FiltaPura 5W Water Powered Window Cleaning

The FiltaPura 5 Water Powered Trolley has been designed to be connected to a domestic or commercial water supply to produce Pure Water for bottle or tank filling using reverse osmosis. Ideal for frequent users of large quantities of pure water who require the cheapest running costs, FiltaPura 5W will produce 2+ Litres of Pure Water per minute, and can be used in conjunction with the Easy Access 100/6 cart when bottle filling. FiltaPura5 can be used in many ways.

Product Features:

  • Heavy Duty Powder coated steel frame
  • Heavy Duty Steel wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Produces 0.00 TDS pure water Instantly when connected to a water supply
  • Produces Pure Water from as little as £0.50 pence - £1.00 per 1000 litres
  • In-line Gallon meter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • RO Housing Drain for cold weather
  • Resin Vessel Pressure release button
  • Stainless steel braided housing
  • 12 Month Warranty

Product Applications:

  • Connect FiltaPura 5W to your outside tap at home and fill as many 25 litre bottles as you can take with you for use with Easy Access 100/6.
  • Connect FiltaPura 5W to your outside tap at home and fill up your van mounted tank over night - a fitted float valve will prevent over filling.
  • Connect FiltaPura 5W to your outside tap at home and leave to fill large static tanks in your garage, using a float valve to prevent over filling. Use a booster pump to fill your van mounted tank in minutes when you arrive home from work.
  • Take FiltaPura 5W to site, for example a school, and connect to their water supply to instantly clean windows up heights of 35 feet.

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