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i-gum Chewing Gum Removal Scotland Lrg

i-gum® Gas or Battery Powered Chewing Gum Removal

Fast, reliable and easy operation for efficient, non-disruptive chewing gum removal on outdoor and indoor surfaces. i-gum incorporates a comfortable backpack system for complete freedom of movement and the ergonomic lance assembly features fingertip controls for simple  operation. A built-in trolley system also offers the option to wheel the machine, reducing  fatigue. i-gum delivers a safe, pH neutral enzyme steam mixture to dissolve chewing gum,  which can then be easily brushed away. Available in battery or gas powered options.

6 seconds is all it takes

The i-gum apparatus needs only 6 seconds to eliminate any unwanted sticky materials (chewing gum/stickers/lining glue). Increase your efficiency and start cutting down on waiting hours.

No water or power supply

To operate the machine, just point the lance to the area or stains that need to be cleaned and watch the i-gum perform its magic.

No matter which surface

Hardwood, soft floors, tarmac, doors, cabinets, plywood, concrete or steel. The i-gum operates
at maximum capacity, and removes sticky residue anywhere and everywhere.

Centralized controls

Centralized controls are located in the head of the machine. All of your actions, switches and
controls are within the reach of your fingertips.

Safe to touch

Designed to be userfriendly and to work in different environments, there are no hazardous or dangerous fumes or heat present when working with the i-gum.

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