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Drainage, Spillage & Leak Blockers / Diverters

Capital Power Clean supply a varied range of drain blockers and leak diverters for internal and external use. Tightly fitting drain covers and rigid diverters help prevent spillages from reaching water courses or other critical areas at ground level, while our innovative internal leak diverters are ideal for catching and diverting leaks from roofs, pipework etc. These are ideal both for contractors or for use as an emergency response to protect your building. Contact us for more detailed information or to discuss a specific application.

New Pig Drainblocker

An ingenious solution to protect drains from unwanted spillages, Drainblocker drain covers mould to uneven surfaces to create a reusable, temporary drain seal which resists oil, water and many chemical products...

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New Pig Spillblocker Dyke

A re-usable barrier to prevent spills from reaching drains or stock, the Spillblocker Dyke forms a tight seal on smooth surfaces  and its flexible nature allows it to conform to irregular curves, easily diverting spillages away from critical areas...

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New Pig Spillblocker Rough Surface Dyke

Designed for use on rough surfaces like tarmac and brushed concrete where standard spillblockers cannot retain spillages the Rough Surface Dyke features a super-sticky bottom layer which adheres to the ground for one-time spill recovery...

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New Pig Leak Diverters

Offering an instant solution to overhead leaks or spraying operations, Leak Diverters are quickly and easily installed to prevent dripping on to floors. Integrated drain hoses divert recovered leaks into buckets or canisters for easy disposal...

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