Ghibli Rider 65 Scrubber Drier Scotland

Ghibli RIDER 65 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

The new Ghibli Rider R 65 compact ride on scrubber dryer has been designed with the operator in mind, incorporating simplistic controls with optimum ergonomics for ease of use and total comfort.

The combination of a 65 litre solution capacity, 650mm cleaning path and long running time offers a high productivity of 3250m² yet the Rider R 65 features incredible manoeuvrability, cleaning close to walls in small areas and with the ability to make a full U-turn in just 115cm of floor space.

These attributes make the Rider R 65 the perfect choice for those who need to clean in the most narrow and congested areas and low operating noise allows for day cleaning in sensitive areas like hospitals and schools, thanks to the low noise level.

Equipped with front traction, THE Rider R 65 features an innovative brush head system with four small brushes surrounding the driving wheel and delivering excellent down pressure to achieve optimum floor coverage and cleaning results, even in small spaces or congested areas.

Clever design of the Rider’s compact 750mm squeegee allows it to easily follow every movement of the machine for excellent drying performance on all hard floor surfaces,  even on tight curves and when making U-turns.

The use of simple mechanical controls rather than electronics for water flow control, brush deck and squeegee lifting, ensures reliability in use and low cost repairs in the rare event of failure.

The BC version, equipped with external battery charger and battery set (105 Ah), allows almost 3 hours of uninterrupted cleaning!

Technical Details:

  • 650mm cleaning path, 750mm drying path
  • 65/ 65 litre solution/ recovery capacity
  • 20.4kg brush down pressure
  • 1950m²/ hour productivity
  • Climbing gradient 5% max

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