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Founded in 1968, Ghibli SpA has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing professional and industrial cleaning equipment, making the company one of the leading players in today’s European cleaning market.
Producing a complete range of cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, single-disc machines and steam cleaning equipment, Ghibli manufactures around 220 thousand units every year.

Innovative technical design together with a long manufacturing experience presents a range of equipment which offers an excellent quality price ratio, with equipment characterised by sturdiness, efficiency and ease of use.

Ghibli FRECCIA 30 D50 BC Scrubber Dryer

Featuring an innovative new design combining aesthetics and ergonomics, the Freccia 30 offers 30 litres capacity, 2 hours of running time, on-board battery charger and a control panel with interactive display.

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Ghibli S2 80 D70 Scrubber Dryer

Featuring a double traction design with adjustable speed control, the Ghibli S2 is an easy to operate Scrubber Drier with excellent manoeuvrability, providing solid, reliable and powerful cleaning solutions for small to medium sized areas...

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Ghibli FRECCIA 15 E38 M38BC Scrubber Dryer

Featuring an innovative new design combining aesthetics and ergonomics, the Freccia 15 revolutionises the small scrubber dryer market. With 15 litres capacity, adjustable brush pressure and ergonomic handle...

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Ghibli AS 6 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A powerful, versatile and quiet tub vacuum cleaner perfectly suited to cleaning laboratories, shops, houses, hotels, hospitals premises requiring minimum noise and optimum performance.
Featuring a 12 litre container, telescopic extension tube and detachable cable...

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Ghibli T1 Back Vac Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Available as either a mains powered machine or cable-free battery powered unit, the Ghibli T1 is the perfect solution for cleaning on stairs or from access platforms and in restricted areas such as between seats in theatres and cinemas or on coaches, trains and planes...

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Ghibli ASL10 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A compact, robust model for small applications, the ASL 10 features a powerful 1300w motor, high filtration for dry use and 11 litres useful wet capacity. This reliable unit also includes a full 36mm accessory kit with on-board tool storage and may be upgraded to HEPA filtration...

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Ghibli AS27 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Ghibli AS27 is a powerful industrial strength wet & dry Vacuum cleaner for the toughest of cleaning tasks and can be used with a disposable paper bag to vacuum dry dust and debris or without bag and filter for recovering liquids or wet debris...

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Ghibli AS400PD Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A robust, high performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner for professional applications, the AS400PD is constructed from impact-resistant ABS plastic and offers 35 litres useful wet capacity. A simple ball float prevents over-filling and a drain hose is fitted...

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Ghibli AS590 IK Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring twin suction motors and a useful wet capacity of 56 litres, the AS 590 IK is an industrial strength unit capable of carrying out the toughest of cleaning tasks. The AS 590 IK can be used with a disposable paper bag to vacuum dry dust and debris...

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Ghibli AS600 IK Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Ghibli AS600 IK offers massive suction power thanks to the employment of triple vacuum motors which can be used separately or simultaneously, depending on the task at hand. The stainless steel container will hold up to 56 litres of liquid and is easily emptied...

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Ghibli AS27 AS40 AS59 AS60 IK HD Vehicle Cleaning Vacuums

Specially designed for the vehicle cleaning industry, this range of vacuum cleaners features extra tough build quality and large, heavy duty wheel systems for rough terrain. A 4m hose allows easy reach to all areas of the vehicle without needing to move the machine specially designed, durable rubber crevice and detail tools are supplied as standard...

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