Dulevo Boost 50 Scrubber Dryer

Dulevo Boost 50.0 Scrubber Dryer

Designed and manufactured to the highest levels of engineering, the Boost 50.0 scrubber drier range of scrubber dryers offer an excellent cleaning solution in areas such as hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centres, showrooms, schools and airports and guarantee outstanding performance in industrial applications, such as mechanical workshops, metal processing, assembly lines, etc. 

With 500-600 mm washing tracks, Boost 50 scrubber-dryers can meet any requirement:

  • BOOST 50.5E: 230 V mains powered, 500mm cleaning path, brush-assisted semi-automatic traction 
  • BOOST 50.5BT: battery-operated, 500mm cleaning path, electric traction motor
  • BOOST 50.6BT: battery-operated, 600mm cleaning path, electric traction motor
  • BOOST 50.6BTR: battery-operated, 600mm cleaning path, electric traction motor, roller brushes
  • 500mm- 600mm cleaning path / 750-850 mm drying path
  • 50/50 litre clean/dirty solution capacity
  • 2000 - 2400m²/ hour productivity
  • Automatic Brush Stop to prevent floor damage
  • Automatic Water Control – solution only flows when brush is turning
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • On-Board Battery Charger available
  • Tool- Free Replacement of consumable parts

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