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The Dulevo brand was conceived in 1976 thanks to the initiative and the expertise of a group of technicians who designed and built the first prototype of the legendary industrial sweeper "120". 
Since then, Dulevo International has continued to design and develop a wide range of equipment, including municipal street sweepers and scrubber dryers.

Today, Dulevo is staffed by unique people who make inimitable products and has become the leading Italian manufacturer of commercial, industrial and street cleaning equipment  - Dulevo is synonymous not just with great sweepers but also with great people. 
Dulevo maintains its leadership position by conducting continuous research aimed at delivering solutions and technologies to enhance the quality of the environment in which we live and works passionately to come up with ideal technical solutions that meet all the cleaning needs of commercial premises, industrial facilities and street environments.

Dulevo Boost 20 Scrubber Dryer

The Dulevo Boost 20 walk behind scrubber is ideal for professional cleaning of small areas, such as shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Compact design allows the machine to work in restricted spaces, yet with similar cleaning performance to larger machinery...

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Dulevo Boost 30 Scrubber Drier

Available in mains or battery power, the Dulevo Boost 30 range is ideal for cleaning small-medium areas, such as shops, restaurants, bars, showrooms, supermarkets, etc...

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Dulevo Boost 50 Scrubber Drier

Designed and manufactured to the highest levels of engineering,  the Boost 50 range of scrubber dryers offer an excellent cleaning solution in areas such as hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centres, showrooms...

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Dulevo Boost 90 Scrubber Drier

Simple and sturdy, Dulevo Boost 90 walk behind scrubber dryers are intended for particularly difficult professional applications and guarantee excellent cleaning results in commercial and industrial environments...

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Dulevo Boost 110 Scrubber Drier

The latest, compact ride-on scrubber dryer from Dulevo, the Boost 110 range has been designed to pass easily through standard doorways, with little compromise on performance. Extremely easy to use and designed with the highest levels of ergonomics, maximum comfort and outstanding cleaning performance are guaranteed even in particularly harsh applications...

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Dulevo Boost 150 Scrubber Drier

With a high solution capacity and long running time together with compact design, the Dulevo Boost 150 range of ride-on scrubber dryers is perfect for cleaning medium to large commercial and industrial areas. Constructed on a sturdy chassis with compact water tanks and heavy duty mechanical components...

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Dulevo Boost 300 Scrubber Drier

With a massive 300 litre capacity, cleaning path of 1000mm – 1200mm, twin vacuum motors and a long run time, the Boost 300 ride-on scrubber dryer range is the ideal choice for cleaning large commercial and industrial areas...

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Dulevo Boost Combi Scrubber Drier

The Dulevo Boost Combi has been designed to combine ease of use, affordability and reliability together with superior sweeping and scrubbing performance and the latest technology to meet the operational demands of our customers, guaranteeing eco-friendly...

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