Dulevo 5000 Evolution Euro 5 Street Sweeper

Dulevo Euro 5 Economy Sweeper

The only sweeper in the world capable of combining manoeuvrability, economy and reliability with total control of particulates, maximum productivity and low maintenance costs. Designed for sweeping in both heavy industries and urban areas, the Dulevo 5000 guarantees efficient and ecologically sound performance.

Powered by a 6 cylinder, water cooled diesel engine with a maximum speed of 42km/h, the 5000 Evolution sweeps a path of up to 3500mm and together with the 5000 litre (5.5 ton) capacity waste hopper, productivity of 105000m² per hour may be achieved and collected waste may be tipped up to a height of 2200mm.

Four wheel steering, multi-task front mounted brush and smaller footprint on the road make the 5000 Evolution the first true crossover HGV sweeper, allowing it to work in areas previously only accessible by compact and sub-compact machines.

With the employment of the Dulevo patented mechanical-suction-filtered system, performance rates three times higher than traditional sweepers are achieved and the advantages of this system mean that the 5000 Evolution may be used in the most diverse urban applications all year round: Street sweeping in summer to control sand, dust and refuse; collection of leaves and pine needles in autumn months as well as winter sweeping at sub zero temperatures.

The efficiency of this system also allows for virtually waterless sweeping, saving on man hours filling and emptying tanks, reducing black water and producing a load which is landfill-acceptable immediately after sweeping.

A massive filtration system with a surface area of over 22m² allows for long hours of operation without the risk of obstructions and removes particles to a size of 3 microns.
Where even higher filtration is required, a GORE filter may be fitted to guarantee the removal of PM10, PM5 and PM2.5 particulates together with reduced maintenance and a 35% increase in airflow.

As with all Dulevo sweepers, the 5000 Evolution employs no electronic devices – all functions are operated by easily identifiable and accessible electrical and hydraulic circuits to minimise maintenance costs.

Choose a Dulevo Euro 5 Sweeper if

  • You require an HGV class sweeper to sweep indoors or outdoors, with or without water
  • You want to guarantee total control over PM particles
  • You want maximum productivity with low maintenance costs
  • You need to sweep extremely industrial environments without using water
  • You want to be able to re-use collected material
  • You want the manoeuvrability of a smaller machine with the performance of an HGV unit

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