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Steam Only Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning presents an effective means of cleaning and sanitising surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Our steam-only cleaning machines deliver super heated steam at high pressure to quickly penetrate stubborn soiling and to kill germs and bacteria on a variety of surfaces, offering excellent cleaning results where chemicals cannot be used.


The Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme for qualifying, water-efficient technology enables your business to claim 100% First-Year Allowances against taxable profits in the year of purchase! Tax breaks alone will reduce the cost of equipment by up to 28%!

Contact us today for more information on the scheme and Steam Cleaning solutions to fit your requirements and budgets.

STi QV4 Entry Level Steam Cleaner

An entry level steam machine designed for domestic and light commercial use, delivering 4.5bar pressure and a temperature of 147°C. Robust ABS plastic body. Comprehensive tool kit included.

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STi QV6 PRO Steam Cleaner

A commercially steam cleaner for light to medium use, the QV6 features a stainless steel body & compact design with continuous refilling system to allow refilling at any time during operation. Delivering 5.2 bar pressure and a temperature of 152°C...

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Matrix Steam Cleaner S04500

The SO4500 is a domestic/ light commercial cleaning system delivering 4.5 bar pressure and designed for cleaning heavily soiled areas using steam only. 
Constructed from stainless steel, the SO4500 features a continuous fill boiler system to allow refilling...

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STi Gaiser 4000 Steam Cleaner

The Gaiser 4000 is ideal in both commercial and industrial applications. Super-heated 180°C steam delivered at 8 bar easily removes even the most stubborn baked on grease & grime without using chemicals or detergents.
 A continuous fill boiler system allows refilling...

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Matrix SO8000 Steam Cleaner

The SO8000 is a commercial/industrial cleaning system delivering 8 bar pressure and designed for heavily soiled areas requiring cleaning utilising steam only. 
Constructed from stainless steel, the SO8000 features a continuous fill boiler system allowing refill at any time...

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