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Scrubber Driers for Small Coverage Areas

Scrubber Dryers present a fast and effective means of cleaning all floor types, leaving floor surfaces dry to minimise slip hazards. Unlike traditional mopping methods which tend only to redistribute dirt more evenly over the floor area, scrubber dryers constantly supply fresh cleaning solution to floors and immediately recover the waste water to a separate tank for easy and hygienic disposal at a suitable drainage point. Mechanical brush or pad action agitates and loosens soiling to ensure thorough cleaning and outstanding results with minimal effort and high productivity rates maximise your labour resources.

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i-mop XL and XXL

The i-mop makes it possible to clean any hard floor surface, with freedom of movement and
great ease of use. The i-mop isn't just designed for cleaning, it's designed for the cleaner...

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Dulevo Boost 20 Scrubber Dryer

The Dulevo Boost 20 walk behind scrubber is ideal for professional cleaning of small areas, such as shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Compact design allows the machine to work in restricted spaces, yet with similar cleaning performance to larger machinery...

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Ghibli FRECCIA 15 E38 M38BC Scrubber Dryer

Featuring an innovative new design combining aesthetics and ergonomics, the Freccia 15 revolutionises the small scrubber dryer market. With 15 litres capacity, adjustable brush pressure and ergonomic handle...

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Ghibli S1 45 M 45 ECO Scrubber Drier

The Ghibli S1 Eco is perfect entry level Scrubber Drier for all small to medium sized floor areas and will efficiently clean any type of hard floor surface when used with the correct brush or floor pad. Produced to exact specifications which offer a high quality machine with the best possible cleaning results...

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Ghibli WINNER 38E Scrubber Dryer

Part of the Winner range of Scrubber Driers, the cable operated Ghibli Winner 38E is a unique floor cleaning machine due to its small size and squeegee position. This ergonomically designed scrubber drier is extremely manoeuvrable and can not only fit into small spaces to offer exceptional cleaning...

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Lindhaus LW46 Hybrid Scrubber Drier

Experience the freedom of battery-powered cleaning with the option to plug into mains for non-stop operation! The LW 46 offers wall-to-wall cleaning with up to 1500m2/h working capacity and is light and easy to use, despite its 46cm cleaning width...

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